Stand Up, Speak Out

Stand Up Speak Out is an awareness program designed to educate students about bullying. This has become a very serious subject in our schools today. In the spring of 2013, Mr. John Halligan spoke to hundreds of students, parents, and teachers within our community. He lost his son to cyber bullying in 2003 and was compiled to not only honor his son by telling his story but to also impart knowledge on the powerful and wide range effect bullying has. In the 2019-2020 school year Junior Auxiliary of Columbus will work with the local schools to reach children who have been bullied, the ones who are the bullies, and the most significant and often times more common role of the bystanders. It is our goal that this program will help students to become empowered and better prepared to meet the challenges of bullying in a proactive manner by making socially responsible decisions.

Project Chairman: Stephanie Woodard
Assistant Chairman: Marla Fisher

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