Choose Kindness

Choose Kindness is an anti-bullying project intended to educate an elementary audience through a small-group format.  Choose Kindness gives children the opportunity to rotate through different stations which address the difference between bullying and conflict, the role of the bystander, cyberbullying, and strategies to combat bullying scenarios.  In addition, the children are able to discuss the importance of choosing kindness over bullying, as well as forming a paper “kindness chain” with details of acts of kindness the children have given or received.  At the conclusion of the presentation each child receives a “Choose Kindness” motivational wristband as a reminder of the project’s theme and how crucial choosing kindness is. This project equips children with a variety of tools to stand up to bullying and encourages them to seek help for victims of bullying.  It is our hope that through this project children will gain confidence in knowing that no child should ever endure a bullying situation.

Project Chairman:  Rachel  Hurt          

Assistant Chairman:  Lindsey Frazure


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