Junior Auxiliary Mentors (J.A.M.)

Junior Auxiliary Mentors J.A.M.:   Junior Auxiliary Mentors, was developed to address the academic needs of students who are functioning below grade level in the area of reading. A special relationship is established through one-to-one interaction between mentor and child on school premises during 30-45 minute weekly sessions. This relationship serves to enhance the child’s perception of himself, improve his academic and social skills, while providing a nurturing atmosphere to promote the child’s ability and desire to succeed. This program is conducted October through April on a weekly basis and involves approximately 25 members. This year, J.A.M. is helping students at Cook Elementary, Franklin Elementary, Stokes Beard Elementary and Caledonia Elementary schools. This project averages approximately 500 hours per school year. There is also a summer component to J.A.M. which runs from June 1 through the end of June and is held at HEARTS Tutoring.
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 Project Chairman: Gayla Rye 

Assistant Chairman: Brooke Johnston