Reality Fair

The Reality Fair project offers a hands-on, real life simulation, which gives 11th grade students an opportunity to glance into their future in a fun and exciting way. They are encouraged to make healthy and wise lifestyle choices similar to those adults face on a daily basis. In a mock reality drill, students are “paid” a monthly salary (after taxes) based on their GPA and given a checkbook style ledger to record and balance their monthly expenses. The students then circulate through 7 booths manned by members of the Junior Auxiliary: Housing & Insurance, Utilities, Gas & Groceries, Transportation & Insurance, Cell Phones & Technology, Wheel of Chance, and the Bank. Students rotate from booth to booth, first paying for their basic needs then, if they budget wisely and make smart choices, indulge in some luxury items or contribute to their savings. However, watch out for the Wheel of Chance booth — every student must spin the wheel and, just like in reality, may wind up with a windfall or an unexpected expense. The last stop is the Bank where they are counseled on their spending and savings habits and offered sensible financial advice on how to better manage their money. The true “reality” of this fair is the connection the students make between their high school performance, their future career earnings potential, and how it can alter lifestyle expectations.                                                                                                     

Project Chairman: Kay Regimbal

Assistant Chairman: Emily Wheeler