General Welfare/Clothing


Project Chairman: Katie Heard
Assistant Chairman: Ashli Dunn
Clothing Room Chairman: Hayley Corder
Assistant Chairman: Morgan Shipp

One cannot deny the power of wearing nice, clean, well-fitting clothes and its direct correlation to a more positive self-image. We all perform better and are more confident when we are dressed appropriately; children especially deserve to feel great in their school clothes. Junior Auxiliary of Columbus offers this project which provides clothing to children within our community. The clothing of children, under the general welfare category, is the longest running project within the history of our Chapter having been established since the organization was first formed in the 1940s. Area school counselors, teachers and principals refer children who are in need of assistance. After the referral process, JA members contact the parent or guardian to complete an interview process during which information is gathered to determine if assistance is warranted. After a child has been found to be a candidate for this project, a private clothing appointment is scheduled at the Junior Auxiliary Hut. There, members meet with the child and parent and become a personal shopper for the child providing them with a basic wardrobe consisting of shirts, pants, socks, undergarments, coat, belt and hygiene bag. During 2018-2019 academic year, Junior Auxiliary clothed more than 400 children through this project.

Another part of our clothing project provides much needed assistance in times of unforeseeable tragedy. Also known as In-Depth, the project provides immediate assistance with clothing for families in extreme circumstances usually due to natural disasters such as house fires, floods, or tornados. Members meet with families often times within 24 hours of the tragedy. Last year 107 children were assisted through In-Depth. The Junior Auxiliary of Columbus strives to make a difference in the lives of the children who give the brightest of smiles and words of appreciation that are not just solely intended for our members, but also shared with those in our community whose generous donations allow us to continue serving their needs.